Through a unique mix of consulting expertise, services and technology, Co-Factor helps companies make the leap to a more sustainable engagement culture while driving superior bottom-line results.

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The title was awarded during the 7th edition of the Human Resources Excellency Awards Gala for the way this project led to the development of a culture of performance and recognition, contributing directly to the profitable growth of Flanco, a leading retail company in Romania.
Premiu HR Club
  • For the last years, I have been preaching in most of my internal speeches about our values and how important to live and do by them daily. One of Caroli's core value is innovation, which was very difficult in the basic industry Caroli is operating in to get everyone engaged in living this value. Co-Factor came with a brilliant solution through a platform dedicated for promoting and engaging employees about innovation. For 1 year almost, I can finally say that yes innovation value is not anymore a nice value for some employees but a real result oriented value the whole team is living on a daily basis
    Khaled El Solh, CEO - Caroli Foods
  • With the help of Co-Factor, we implemented the most advanced internal communications and performance management system that produced results starting with the second month. Thus, we managed to raise both the engagement and the performance level of our sales team, generating a solid 33% year-on-year increase in number of customers, while the industry has not really rebounded.
    Anca Bidian, Chief Executive Officer - Leading financial brokerage firm
  • The integrated solution for performance management, developed together with Co-Factor, comes to meet a strategic need expressed by Flanco, a project that was praised not only internally but also by HR community. The intricate solution has joined together more than 1, 000 colleagues in a permanent conversation. Currently, the platform is used by more than 300 of them every day, and the conversion rate per month is of over 95%. The praise and appreciation I had received nurtured the belief that we trully succeeded in making a difference by what we built together with Co-Factor, our partener who gave life to the project by combining its expertise in performance and engagement with our user friendly and intuitive technology.
    Nicoleta Capata, HR Director - Leading consumer electronics retailer
  • Co-Factor means: innovation, availability, responsivess, empathy. True professionals who offer creative solutions adapted to the client specific needs. Beautiful people, open, determined to deliver the projects before deadlines no matter the obstacles that may arise. People who quickly understand the business specifics, people who treat the client with the utmost attention and make him feel special.
    Roxana Craciun, HR Manager - Leading private healthcare network
  • Together with Co-­Factor, we have implemented an innovative platform dedicated to our top talent where they can innovate, share knowledge and information, socialize and learn actively – essential steps in developing Avon’s next generation of leaders. If I had to name two defining and distinct attributes of Co­-Factor I would pick their incredible client orientation and personalized service down to the smallest details. We have become a loyal Co-­Factor client because we discovered a team of open hearted and open minded people who are capable to anticipate trends and be true innovators.”
    Roxana Dobrescu, Senior HR Manager - Avon Cosmetics