Fluid & interactive performance management process

  • Individual and team performance scorecards.
  • High transparency and granularity provided to managers.
  • Automatic highlights of areas that need to be improved.
  • Easy editing of action plans and visualization by the direct manager.

Knowledge management & knowledge e-testing

  • Facilitate the exchange of relevant knowledge and know-how throughout the organisation to promote professional development.
  • Build, operationalize and manage knowledge testing sessions, with the option of posting the results directly in the individual performance dashboards.

360 degree feedback surveys

  • Create surveys and questionnaires with custom format and content.
  • Assess individual or team performance using horizontal (peer), vertical (manager) or compound (360 degree) evaluations.
  • Identify and track employees' improvement areas, benchmark individual results against those of specific internal groups.
  • Edit improvement actions and add them to one's performance improvement plan.

Engaging Voice-of-the-Customer solution

  • Create personalized customer feedback forms in order to get a clear and structured view of what really matters to them.
  • Build a branded community that promotes open and direct interaction between the customers and the brand.
  • Use gamification to reward all valuable contributions of members using points, badges, titles and special privileges.
  • Cultivate one-to-one relationships and turn customers into advocates.

Reports & analytics

  • Get performance reports at individual, team and business unit level using Co-Factor’s scoring scale.
  • Gain insights on employee engagement, the drivers impacting it and how they correlate with actual employee performance.
  • Utilize our predictive analysis capability to spot employee engagement and performance related opportunities.
  • Create customized reports based on specific needs or areas of interest.

Integration with external information sources or applications

  • Use data from external systems to generate performance reports and minimize maintenance efforts.

Gamification system to accelerate engagement and performance

  • Custom-designed performance rewards and recognition system utilizing badges, points, ranks and other symbolic and non-financial motivators.
  • Interactive mechanism for stimulating engagement and performance through benchmarking and leaderboards on multiple performance dimensions.

Social and collaborative internal communication

  • Focus employees' energy on the themes that really matter to the organization.
  • Share messages, images, videos and documents with others.
  • Easily create and send out surveys as well as track results in real time.
  • Create events, send invitations and monitor participants' confirmations.
  • Get things done with the real time, internal chat system.
  • Applaud and recognize positive actions and signal the need of improvement to your fellow colleagues.

High degree of customization and flexibility

  • Fast adoption through high quality user experience.
  • Intuitive and easy to use, the platform doesn’t require any special training.
  • Tailor-made functionalities developed on specific company needs, context and practices.

Internal Community

  • Discover, meet and greet your peers for their anniversaries, promotions and new hires.
  • Connect with peers sharing the same interests or passions.
  • Launch new job openings to internal candidates.

Open internal innovation

  • Tap into the collective creative brain and make innovation a company wide process.
  • Launch challenging projects and stimulate both top-down as well as bottom-up innovation.
  • Turn a complex journey into an accessible and fun one by using our intuitive and rigorous innovation process.
  • Measure and track innovation performance and get insights on how to improve it with the help of our analytics.

Technology and delivery model

  • Software as a service (Saas) - eliminate IT requirements and reduce technical infrastructure costs.
  • Our cloud platform offers a high degree of data/connection security(exclusive 256-bit SSL), while maximizing availability and scalability.